From a young age, I have always loved moving! My love of movement has allowed for incredible experiences: 2 time Pentathlon Champion, Sprint Triathlon Champion, Mixed Martial Artist, Olympic Development Program Soccer Player, Break Dancer and Forest Fire Fighter; I am grateful for all these experiences. As a baby, as long as the person holding me was walking or moving, I was content, but stop moving, and I'd let you know! All those rumors you hear about red heads being unruley, I 100% helped to encourage all of them.

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I was lucky enough to have a parent that encouraged my sister and I to try anything and everything. From baseball and basketball, to swimming and sports with wheels. I eventually fell in love with soccer. In my teens, becoming a professional soccer player was it for me. I failed at making the club soccer team the first 2 attempts in Davis, CA. I was crushed. But I kept working hard and made it on the 3rd try, where I lacked in talent I made up for with hard work. I wasn't the best at school, I'd rather work on soccer than homework, I poured my heart into it. My dedication paid off when I was accepted to play division I soccer for Saint Mary's College of California, my dream of playing D-I soccer became a reality.

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During my junior year, I stood up for a player on my team that our coach was castigating in front of everyone. I was cut the next week. I transfered to the University California Davis that summer. The coach there said I had to show that I was one of the top three players during tryouts. I had the ability but did not show it consistently through tryouts. I knew coming home on the second day that I'd blown it. I threw my bike across my backyard in a fit. My life long dream was dashed, I sobbed for hours. If I wasn't a soccer player, who was I?

Sticking up for my teammate which led to me getting cut, and subsequently not making the UCD team, were the most positively life changing sequences of events that have ever happened to me. I learned to follow my gut, and that there is always something to learn from "failures." I also learned that sometimes we can all have a certain perspective on life that might limit us to what else is out there.

I got a job working at the largest student run organization in the Nation that is the UC Davis Coffee House. Met so many different friends through the Coffee House, people from all walks of life and interests, we prided ourselves in being the most fun place to work on the planet! I joined the club Judo program and Club soccer program, and started to dabble in triathlons and mixed martial arts, which has been a passion of mine since. My World opened up! 

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After college I fought forest fires before heading off to serve as a Community Health organizer for the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan. I taught health to an orphanage and wrote grants to build a soccer field, basketball court, and volleyball court at the orphanage I worked at. Serving in the Peace Corps was the most rewarding and eye opening experience of my life, I am forever grateful.

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After completing my Peace Corps service in Kyrgyzstan I volunteered at a Buddhist Tiger Temple in Thailand, where I learned all of the positive effectives of meditation, it is now a daily practice. I believe the most effective path to a peaceful mind and body is through meditation and yoga. After my time at the Temple, I volunteered at a number of different Organic Farms in South East Asia through World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). I am grateful to have experienced how the vast majority of the World lives. While working on these farms, I would rise with the sun and go to bed not too long after sunset, I was living in tune with nature's cycles and eating natural food with good company, I have never had more energy in my life. I realized that living as our primal ancestors did, living primally was key to health and wellness.

I also noticed that, it was very easy to laugh while working on these remote organic farms. People came from different countries, there really wasn't a primary language, yet we had such a great time with each other. We were all working for a communal good, a higher purpose, we were touching the earth intimately, laughter came so easily. 

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After returning to the United States in 2011, I noticed something. Almost any bus I would ride on, I would see many people looking at their cell phone screens, or being plugged into their headphones, not even acknowledging the presence of people around them. This has proliferated in the past 4 years, to where, now, on average, over 85% of the people on any form of public transportation are technologically tuned in, and primally tuned out. Coming from a place where everyone was primally engaged, with such vibrant energy, to this, was quite the contrast. Being technologically tuned in and primally tuned out has become the norm for much of the people on this planet, this is not healthy. It leads to an un-empathetic society, where people no longer care for others.

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I am not demonizing technology, or screens, they can serve humans and the World in amazing and very helpful ways. But the vast majority of people do not use their technology to help themselves or others, the vast majority of people use technology primarily for self-entertainment, or to distract themselves from their current environment, to not have to primally interact with anyone.

I want to change this.


This is why I created Primal Play. Through my Workshops, Personal Training, and Public Speaking, I wish to re-invigorate our humanism. Our greatest joys come from primally engaging with others. This is where we are most vibrant. You want to be vibrantly healthy? Then be primally playful!